Open Access Is Not for Scientists. It’s for Patients. (BLOG)

Guest blogger Paul Wicks from PatientsLikeMe explores why Open Access is not just for scientists.

By now, every social media channel you pay even the slightest bit of attention to has probably been saturated with requests for you to sign the #openaccess petition, with additional bonus doses delivered every #OAMonday (Open Access Monday). Happily, it worked – the petition has exceeded 25,000 signatures, which means that the White House will issue a response.

In the meanwhile, I’ve started to see the issue from a new angle. A number of arguments have been made as to why generating political attention for this issue is important for science, but it wasn’t until I read Tom Webb’s blog post on Nature Networks entitled “Confessions of an Open Access Agnostic” that I realized we might be missing an important point that we at PatientsLikeMe have been observing recently: open access is most critical for patients.

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